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Great leaders drive great success. Great leaders create dominant businesses, generate exceptional profits, establish benchmarks for quality, originate new industries, and more. The question is not whether great leaders are important. The question is how to become one.

Shambhala Institute
This Is Where Leadership Begins

The Shambhala Institute provides next generation insight into what great leaders do and how they do it. Having led one of the largest leadership studies in two decades, we can show you the what, when, why and how of becoming a great leader. Whether the leadership challenge is building a committed culture, aligning your people architecture, creating high performing teams, crafting strategy, or improving performance, the Shambhala Institute offers the tools, training and advice to solve it.

At Shambhala Institute, we believe that great leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Through our comprehensive leadership development programs, we empower individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary results. With over two decades of experience and one of the largest leadership studies conducted, we provide unparalleled insights into the art of effective leadership.


With one of the largest studies on leadership in two decades, the Shambhala Institute has crafted solutions grounded in fact, not opinion. Whether the challenge is building a committed culture, training leaders, honing executive skills, or aligning the organization’s structures, our consulting and training solutions are rooted in hard facts, cutting-edge leadership science and proven best practices.

Our Approach


Evidence-Based Solutions - Our programs are grounded in cutting-edge leadership science and proven best practices, ensuring that our clients receive practical and effective strategies for success.


Customized Programs - Whether you're looking to build a committed culture, align your people architecture, or create high-performing teams, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


Our team of experienced faculty members and industry experts bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table. They are dedicated to providing our clients with the guidance and support they need to excel.


Transformational Experiences: Our programs are designed to be transformative, providing participants with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to become exceptional leaders with real-world case studies.

How We Do It


Most frontline and middle managers don’t have the skills to succeed in a post-9/11, post-Enron, highly-volatile economy. At least that’s what a recent study of Fortune 500 CEOs discovered. 86% of them said that their managers were not sufficiently prepared for the leadership challenges of this economy.


The strength of an organization’s culture is one of its most fundamental competitive advantages. If you can build and preserve a culture where employees passionately pursue the organization’s mission, you will achieve success. Study after study finds that organizations with strong, committed cultures are measurably more profitable.


83% of senior executives think that their executive team needs some help. When should an executive team act like a team? When should they function as individuals? Who should craft strategy? Who should implement it? How can they generate breakthrough thinking? How can they avoid old, and unsuccessful, patterns of behavior?


Every organization uses teams in one form or another. Teams can be used to address a specific challenge or as the fundamental system for organizing people. Teams are formed at every level of an organization, from the executive suite to the frontlines. When teams are effective, they create a whole greater than the sum of its part.


As your organization ponders the challenges of the next several years, it needs to ask itself: Are the right people currently serving and fully prepared to take over when key leaders leave? Do you know what people are likely to make the best leaders at every level of the organization? Selecting leaders is a job that can literally make or break.


Andy Grove said it best. "Business success contains the seeds of its own destruction. The more successful you are, the more people want a chunk of your business and then another chunk and then another until there is nothing left." To survive during turbulent times, leaders must be serious about outpositioning their competitors.

Prominent Factor

These two program helps to develop committed culture, training leaders, honing executive skills and aligning the organization’s structures.practices.


Enron, Waste Management, Global Crossing, and more. With failures of corporate governance making headlines with greater regularity, more boards are feeling the need to be explicitly accountable for their outcomes. And, more boards are becoming aware of the need to rethink and reform their role and responsibilities. The program includes an assessment of current board effectiveness.


One of the greatest organizational challenges is trying to align employees’ and manager’s self-interest with the interests of the organization. Many of the toughest problems that businesses face—rising costs, low productivity, not making “tough calls”, resistance to change—can be traced to employees’ self-interests taking precedence over the organization’s interests.

Learn How To Create Great Leaders In Your Organization ...

How We Assess!!

What you measure is what you stand for. What gets measured gets done. You can’t change what you can’t see. We live in the age of diagnosis. From satellite imaging to the MRI to genetic mapping, diagnostic excellence drives social and corporate progress.



Study after study shows that an effective people architecture drives better organizational performance. It has to know exactly where it's out of alignment as part of the comprehensive solution..


Knowing what customers want, and how well you and your competitors are currently meeting those needs, is the first step in developing a differentiated strategy and, thus, competitive advantage.


Boards that most effectively support the organization, and the executive team, are those that have a clear picture of the role of the board and how it relates to the larger organization.


The Culture Scorecard is an assessment tool for measuring and building a committed culture.


Before a leader can begin honing their leadership skills and abilities, they need to know where to concentrate their energies.


When teams are effective, they create a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and spark breakthrough thinking. When they're not, they consume time, energy, money and opportunity.

Leadership & Speaking

The Shambhala Institute is widely recognized for its research and thought leadership. With one of the largest leadership studies in two decades, and groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of culture, costs and management, the Shambhala Institute is helping to enrich the science of leadership.

The Shambhala Institute’s staff are frequent presenters at industry conferences, professional associations, trade shows, and private retreats. Presentation requests for Shambhala Institute staff are driven by our firm’s industry-leading research and thought leadership.

Maximize Your Executive Team’s Performance.

Event & Program Updates

Executive Leadership Retreat

Date: March 25-27, 2024
Location: Aspen Retreat Center, Colorado

Join us for a transformative three-day retreat designed for senior executives aiming to lead their organizations into a prosperous future. Our “Leading into the Future” retreat will immerse you in next-generation leadership thinking and strategies. Engage in interactive sessions, network with peers, and hear from leading experts on navigating today’s complex business landscape. Limited spaces – register now to reserve your spot.

Webinar Series: The Digital Leader

Date: Starting April 15, 2024 | Every Friday | 4 Sessions
Platform: Online – Live Interactive Webinar

The digital era demands a new kind of leader. Our four-part webinar series, “The Digital Leader,” explores the intersection of leadership and digital innovation. Learn how to harness digital tools to improve team performance, drive change, and deliver results in a virtual environment. Sign up for the series here and lead the digital transformation in your organization.

Global Leadership Summit 2024

Date: June 10-12, 2024
Location: Grand Hyatt, New York City

Don’t miss the leadership event of the year! The Global Leadership Summit 2024 is your opportunity to join discussions on the latest leadership trends, best practices, and research findings. This year’s summit features keynote speakers from Fortune 500 companies, interactive workshops, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Early bird registration is now open. Secure your tickets here.

New Research Publication: “The Adaptive Leader”

Release Date: April 18, 2024

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest research, “The Adaptive Leader,” which delves into the qualities that define successful leadership in volatile and uncertain times. This comprehensive study synthesizes data from over 10,000 leaders worldwide. Available for pre-order here. Gain insights to stay ahead in an ever-changing business world.

Customized In-House Training Programs


Shambhala Institute now offers tailored in-house training programs designed to meet your company’s unique needs. Our experts work closely with your leadership team to create bespoke learning solutions that drive tangible results. From strategy development to performance enhancement, our customized programs help you build the leadership capacity to thrive. Contact us here to discuss your organizational goals.

Ongoing Leadership Coaching Program

Start Date: Open Enrollment
Format: In-Person and Virtual Options Available

Unlock your leadership potential with our Ongoing Leadership Coaching Program. Benefit from personalized coaching sessions that fit your schedule, designed to refine your leadership skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. Enroll at any time to start your journey to effective leadership with the support of our expert coaches. Enroll here to begin your transformation.

Women in Leadership Workshop Series

Date: July 15 – August 19, 2024 | Every Saturday
Location: Online – Interactive Sessions

Empower the women in your organization with our six-week “Women in Leadership” workshop series. These sessions focus on overcoming gender-specific challenges, enhancing influence, and building a powerful professional network. Celebrate the achievements of women leaders and gain actionable insights for career advancement. Register your interest here.

Past Event: Innovation in Leadership Conference

Date: November 3-5, 2023
Location: Shambhala Institute, Downtown Campus

Last November, we hosted the annual Innovation in Leadership Conference, which was a resounding success. Over 500 attendees from various industries gained insights into creative leadership strategies and innovation management. Stay tuned for the conference summary report and recordings available here.

Past Event: Mindful Leadership Retreat

Date: January 20-22, 2024
Location: Serenity Hills, California

Our Mindful Leadership Retreat earlier this year offered leaders an opportunity to explore the benefits of mindfulness in enhancing decision-making and stress management. Participants left with practical tools for fostering a mindful workplace culture. Access retreat highlights and resources here.

Leadership Masterclass Series: Past Sessions Now Available

Original Dates: September – December 2023
Format: Recorded Sessions

Did you miss our acclaimed Masterclass Series last fall? We’ve got you covered. The complete series is now available for purchase. This series covers advanced topics such as transformational leadership, change management, and strategic innovation. Enhance your leadership skills at your own pace. Find all the recorded sessions here.

Annual Networking Gala: A Look Back

Date: December 16, 2023
Location: The Grand Ballroom, The Ritz-Carlton

Our Annual Networking Gala brought together a community of leaders, influencers, and change-makers. It was an evening of rich conversation, relationship-building, and shared aspirations for the future of leadership. We thank our esteemed guests and sponsors for making it a memorable night. Check out the gallery from the event here.