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Training & Diagnostics

How We Train You

With one of the largest studies on leadership, the Shambhala Institute has crafted solutions grounded in fact to overcome all challenges. Our consulting and training solutions are rooted in hard facts, cutting-edge leadership science and proven best practices.

Leadership IQ

Executive IQ

Succession IQ


Great leaders know that information and insight are the building blocks of great decisions. The question isn’t whether information and insight are essential. The question is how to get it.

What you measure is what you stand for. What gets measured gets done. You can’t change what you can’t see. We live in the age of diagnosis. From satellite imaging to the MRI to genetic mapping, diagnostic excellence drives social and corporate progress.

Competitive Dimensions Analysis

Board IQ Assessment

Team IQ Assessment

Seminar & Events

The Shambhala Institute offers public workshop and seminar events throughout the year. Each event focuses on a specific issue, industry, trend or innovation, and have recently addressed such issues as building a committed culture, executive turnarounds, aligning people architecture, and corporate governance.

Building a Committed Culture

Leading on the Edge of Chaos

Leadership IQ